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Résumé -- Kevin Hilman

Skill Summary

15 years experience in embedded Linux software development specializing kernel development, integration and optimization for diverse hardware platforms, contributing work back to the mainline Linux kernel, and upstream maintenance of kernel subsystems.

Skill Areas

Linux kernel expertise: custom platform bringup, device drivers, ARM kernel internals (TI OMAP, DaVinci), power management, real-time kernel, high-resolution timers, kernel subsystem maintenance, significant contributions to mainline Linux kernel.

Open-source projects: co-maintainer of kernel for TI DaVinci SoCs, Active contributor to kernel for TI OMAP SoCs, Maintainer of kernel power management core for OMAP SoCs, Contributor to the kernel's real-time and high-resolution timers projects for ARM platforms.  Regular speaker/presenter at open-source conferences on kernel power management.  Contributor/reviewer for Runtime PM framework in Linux kernel.

Systems software: operating-system porting, operating-system internals (Linux, eCos, VxWorks), real-time systems, device driver development, detailed knowledge of architecture-specific OS internals: memory management, task management, context switching, timers, system-call interface, debugger interface, device drivers, board and chip bring-up and debug in custom hardware and software environments.

Multimedia: low-level image and video codec implementation on specific architectures, understanding of block-based video compression standards (MPEG, etc.), algorithm optimization for specific architectures, video frame-rate conversion (see Publications).

Processor architectures: ARM, TI OMAP, TI DaVinci, ARM, Equator VLIW, DSP development experience, low-level understanding of processor architectures, MMU systems, DMA engines, interrupts/exceptions, instruction and data caches.

Programming Languages: C, Perl, Python, assembly (ARM, Equator, TI DSP, Motorola 68HC11).

Open-source Conference Talks

Linaro Connect, Europe (2012, Copenhagen, Denmark): Talk/Facilitator: Runtime Power Management

Kernel Summit (2011, Prague, Czech Republic): Invitee: ARM mini-summit, for OMAP/DaVinci SoCs

Linux Plumber's Conference (2010, Cambridge, MA): Talk: per-device PM constraints

CELF Embedded Linux Conference, Europe  (2010, Cambridge, UK): Talk: Runtime Power Management

CELF Embedded Linux Conference (2010, San Francisco, CA): Talk: Runtime Power Management

CELF Embedded Linux Conference (2008, Santa Clara, CA): Talk: Building Blocks of Embedded Power Management.

FOSDEM '08 (Brussels, Belgium): Talk: Overview of kernel power management.

Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit '08 (Austin, TX): Panel: represent embedded perspective in Power management.

Employment History

Linux kernel developer and maintainer
Texas Instruments, Inc. (remote, Seattle, WA)
Jan. 2010 - Nov. 2012

  • Linux kernel development for TI SoCs: OMAP3,OMAP4,OMAP5, Davinci, AM33x, AM35x, AM37x, etc.
  • maintainer of OMAP power management core of the mainline Linux kernel (kernel.org)
  • help build upstream-focused Linux Development Center (LDC) inside TI.
  • review all OMAP PM contributions to OMAP kernel mailing lists
  • collect, test, coordinate OMAP PM fixes, cleanups, features and queue for mainline kernel
  • review/contribute to architecture-independent PM discussion and frameworks on linux-pm mailing list
  • represent OMAP kernel development at open-source conferences/events (Kernel Summit, Linaro Connect, Linux Plumbers Conference)
  • interact with hardware architects/designers on IP design/compatibility for Linux
  • work with product-specifc teams (e.g. Android) on getting their fixes and features into the mainline Linux kernel

Owner, Principal Engineer
Deep Root Systems, LLC (Seattle, WA)
July 2008 - Present


  • Linux kernel development and integration for embedded devices.
  • Provide guidance, consulting and development services to clients wanting to get their kernel code into the upstream mainline Linux kernel.
  • Specialize in Linux kernel development on TI OMAP, and TI DaVinci SoC family of processors.
  • High priority on upstream kernel development: getting code into mainline Linux kernel.
  • Active development and maintainer of in-kernel Power management infrastructure for TI OMAP SoCs.

Open-source Projects and Contributions:

  • Maintainer of Linux kernel git tree for TI DaVinci SoCs (see also: TI kernel wiki)
  • Maintainer of Power management core code for the Linux kernel on TI OMAP SoCs.
  • Active contribution to Linux kernel community mailing lists.
  • Linux conference participation and talks geared towards embedded power management.

Senior Software Engineer
MontaVista Software (remote, Seattle, WA)
Aug 2005 - July 2008


  • Linux kernel engineering for diverse hardware platforms supported by MontaVista products.
  • Specialize in ARM platforms, TI OMAP, and TI DaVinci.
  • Developer for real-time kernel support on ARM
  • Maintainer of MontaVista power-management solutions
  • Active contribution to Linux kernel community mailing lists.

Software Systems Engineer
Texas Instruments France (Nice, France)
Dec 2003 - July 2005


  • Kernel development for Linux-based mobile phone products based on TI OMAP-Vox family processors.
  • Evaluation and prototyping of real-time Linux alternatives for TI mobile phone products: RTLinux, RT kernel patches
  • Developed prototype of TI GSM telephony stack running on a real-time Linux kernel.
  • Contributed to overall Linux software architecture design and specification
  • Participation in porting of 2.6 kernel to various TI OMAP platforms
  • Participation in public mailing-list discussions for OMAP Linux kernel development

Software Development Engineer
Equator Technologies Inc. (Seattle, WA)
June 1997 - Nov 2003


  • Ported Linux kernel to Equator BSP architecture (VLIW)
  • Ported eCos to Equator BSP architecture
  • Designed and developed port of GNU debugger (gdb) for Equator architecture
  • Ported system libraries and utilities: glibc, busybox, etc.
  • Helped Equator developers and Equator customers learn, develop, and debug Linux applications and drivers.
  • Designed and developed Linux device drivers for Equator development boards
  • Developed portable systems software framework for porting operating systems to Equator hardware platforms.
  • Supported Equator's customers with board bring-up, and development of drivers and embedded software for custom hardware environments based on Equator processors.
  • Added GNU libc shared-library support for Equator architecture

Intern: Software Test Engineer
Secure Computing Corporation (Minneapolis, MN)
Summers 1994,1995


  • Designed and coded network stress tests for firewall products (using Python)


  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, January 1999
    University of Washington, Seattle
    • Member of Image Computing Systems Lab (ICSL)
      Designed and optimized image and video processing algorithms for various processor architectures (TI C80 DSP, Equator.)
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, summa cum laude, April 1996
    University of Minnesota, Duluth


  • Yongmin Kim, H.W. Park, Kevin Hilman. " Using motion-compensated frame-rate conversion for the correction 3:2 pulldown artifacts in video sequences. ". IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.. September 2000.


  • Snow skiing, water skiing, skateboarding
  • Brewing beer, vegetable gardening
  • Languages. English: mother tounge, French: fluent

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