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Power Management

PM branch

The latest, tested PM branch is available as a branch named 'pm' from the linux-omap-pm repository.  This branch is also sync'd daily as the 'pm' branch of the main linux-omap repository.

Significant changes since previous version

  • rebased to omap/master (currently v2.6.31-rc1)
  • Using new omap_hwmod and omap_device infrastructure from Paul Walmsley
  • more reorg into groups of commits for easier submission upstream
Tested on the following platforms using omap3_pm_defconfig with busybox-based initramfs, and tested full-chip RET and OFF in idle and suspend:
  • 3430SDP
  • Beagle
  • Overo (Water + Tobi)
  • RX51
  • Zoom2 (use 'pm-staging/zoom2' branch as well, which is the 'zoom2' branch of  Vikram's omap3 repo rebased on top of PM branch with DEBUG_LL support and misc. fixes)

Known problems

  • no DVFS because of next item...
  • SRF driver broken, needs update for new hwmod/omap_device layer (default config used PM NOOP)
  • network drivers and off-mode
    • various hangs when using off-while-idle and NFS-mounted rootfs
    • network drivers likely need some context save/restore support
  • SDRAM on 2 CSes (Beagle, Overo, RX51)
    • need to boot with mem=128M so only a single CS is used
    • 2 CS support patches from Jean Pihet solve this problem but not yet merged.
  • 3430SDP ES3.0
    • UART1 doesn't come back from off-while-idle (ok on es3.1 SDP)